Shimane Journal of Medical Science

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Shimane Journal of Medical Science 18 2
2000-12-01 発行

Pyloric stenosis as an initial symptom in Crohn's disease : a case report and the review of literatures

Takahashi, Hidemasa
Kinugasa, Shoichi
Kubota, Hirofumi
Kohno, Hitoshi
Tachibana, Mitsuo
Yoshimura, Hiroshi
Dhar, Dipok Kumar
Nagasue, Naofumi
The gastroduodenal lesion in Crohn's disease is relatively rare and occasionally causes pyloric stenosis. We here report on a 39-year-old man who had complained of upper abdominal obstructive sensation. He underwent gastro-jejunostomy and truncal vagotomy for pyloric stenosis, and intestinal resection and stricturoplasties for intestinal lesions. When a patient complains a symptom due to pyloric stenosis, it is necessary to take into consideration Crohn's disease as a diagnosis.