Bulletin of Shimane University Faculty of Medicine

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Bulletin of Shimane University Faculty of Medicine 42
2020-03 発行


Relationship Between a Status of Working-Life Balance of Nurses Who has Returned to Work After Childcare Leave and Support of Their Supervisors.
IWATANI, Toyoko Department of Nursing, Shimane University Hospital
Tsunoto, Yuko Department of Fundamental Nursing, Shimane University Faculty of Medicine
育児休業から復帰して間もない看護職の仕事と生活の調和(ワーク・ライフ・バランス:以下WLB)実現度と上司の支援との関連を明らかにするため、育児休業明け2年未満の看護職906 名を対象に、WLBの実現度、就労環境や上司の支援、支援の必要性等について質問紙調査を行った。433 名の分析の結果、WLB実現度の得点が最も高かったのは『家庭での過ごし方・家族の支援』であり、最も低かったのは『仕事以外の過ごし方』であった。職場復帰前後の上司の支援11 項目中10 項目について、支援のある者の方がWLB実現度の合計得点が有意に高かった。上司の支援すべてにおいて、支援はなかったが自分には必要だったと答えた者がおり、「復帰後に相談できる人や窓口の説明」の割合が最も多かった。以上より、育児休業明け間もない看護職のWLBの実現に向けて、上司は具体的な支援を対象者のニーズに合わせて推進していくことの必要性が示唆された。
Aim: To clarify the relationship between work-life balance(WLB)realization of nurses
who have just returned from childcare leave and support of nurse managers. Method: 906 nurses with less than 2 years after childcare leave were surveyed regarding a WLB realization degree, support of nurse managers, working environment and personal background. Results and Discussion: 433 responses were analyzed. The highest WLB score was “Life at home & Family's supports ”, and the lowest WLB score was “participate in community event”. For all 10 items of nurse manager supports, the score of those who accept support were significantly higher than the others. All support items has some proportion who actually did not have support despite needed support from their manager. The support item "The explanation of people and windows that can consult after returning" was the largest proportion. So It was suggested that nurse manager provide concrete support to suit of the stuff's needs.