Bulletin of Shimane University Faculty of Medicine

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Bulletin of Shimane University Faculty of Medicine 34
2011-12-01 発行


Investigation of the Care-Givers’ Situation for Children Having Treatment or Examination
Kimura, Shinji
Mihara, Noriko
Hayashi, Natsumi
Kotaki, Hitomi
Moriyama, Mirai
Fujie, Akiko
Kajitani, Hiromi
Koike, Setsuko
The purpose of this study is to elucidate the situation that the care-givers of child patients face during treatment and examination, and to utilize the data for developing a “preparation system” by multidisciplinary hospital staffs. We carried out a questionnaire survey for 150 participants including doctors, nurses, radiology
technicians, and laboratory technicians in a hospital. We analyzed 123 valid responses from 58 nurses, 24 doctors, 17 radiology technicians, and 24 laboratory technicians. Results: One hundred one persons (82.1%), including 53 nurses, 24 doctors, 15 radiology technicians, experienced difficulties when handling children underwent treatment or examination. The most common response to the difficulties was to get the cooperation of the parents, the deficient knowledge of preparation which often results in failure to convince the children to receive treatment or examination. Our result suggest that there is a strong necessity in the future to conduct a study group to enable the implementation of this preparation by all care-givers involved in the treatment and examination of children.