Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Shimane University

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Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Shimane University 29
1995-12-20 発行


Effect of Grain Size Distribution on Shearing Properties of Sand and Gravel Materials
Toriyama, Koushi
To investigate of the properties of coefficients of shear strength equation of compacted sand and gravel materials, the drained triaxial compression tests were performed using various mixtures of 9.50~2.00mm graveland 2.00~0.25mm sand. The following results are obtained.
1)There are tolerable correlations between dry density ρ_d or void ratio e and the fundamental coefficients φ, A or φ_m expressing of the relation between shear strength τ and normal stress σ.
2)There are no correlation between ρ_d or e and coefficients τ_0, b or a expressing of non-linearity ofτ and σ.
3)There are nearly linear relation between uniformity coefficient U_c and φ, A or φ_m, but there are no relation between U_c and τ_0, b or a.
From these results, it is considered that the properties of shear strength of sand and gravel materials are not esimated from grain size distnbution or dry density.