Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, Shimane University. Educational science

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Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, Shimane University. Educational science 33
1999-12-01 発行

個に適合した指導を可能にする条件に関する一考察 : 障害児保育担当者の実践報告の分析を通して

An Identification of Antecedents of Adaptive Teaching Strategies with Special Education Teachers Practice in Nursery Schools : In the Frame of ATI Theories
A main purpose of this study was to identify antecedents of adaptive teaching through classifying practical reports of teaching strategies matching to individual differences with special education teachers in nursery schools.Forty-five teachers were asked to write down contents concerning their adaptive teaching strategies in daily practices with information about both of the teaching objects and their perception of a child's traits Each of fifty-seven descriptive answers of twenty-four teachers were classified by the Quantification Method of the third type(Nishisato,S.).Two main features of superordinate categorical variables were as follows;1.Do their descriptions about a child have any individual traits factors mediating the attainments of educational objects?,and 2. Do they have any facts of teaching strategies directing to above-mentioned traits? Three types of adaptive teaching strategies were identified Those were the remedial,compensatory and preferential teaching(Salomon,1972).And two reports of teaching methods suggested.that a teacher has some mental models or personal ATI theories with more than two individual traits parameters.For adaptive education,two antecedents were suggested;the personal theories or knowledge enabling to identify or assess individual traits,and personal knowledge or skills enabling to plan the teaching methods that bring educational outcomes based upon the former informations.