Bulletin of Shimane Medical University

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Bulletin of Shimane Medical University 26
2003-09-01 発行


Educational support in nursing research in relation to research perception and experience
Nakatani, Hisae
Kobara, Minori
Kajino, Tomoko
Yokota, Hidee
Kishimoto, Kathiyo
Hamaura, Fumiko
Nakai, Kiyomi
The purpose of this study was to study educational support in nursing research by identifying a relationship between research perceptions and experiences. We developed a questionnaire on perceptions and experiences of research, and educational conditions to promote research activities, and conducted a survey in 145 hospital nurses. Of 145 replies, 141 were effective. Of the nurses, 87.9% had research experiences, and even in recent 5 years, 82.3% experienced some research. The average of perception scores was 24.8 points in value of research, 24.4 points in significance of research, 23.1 points in research technique, and 20.9 points in hospital evaluation. The value of research was significantly correlated with both nurse's age and job experience (plt.05), The experience of more than seven researches was higher in all perception scores (plt.05). It suggests that more research experiences enhance research perception. Primary condition to promote research activities was time allowance followed by comnaitment to research and enrichment of library. Some of them can be improved with appropriate educational budget.