Bulletin of Shimane Medical University

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Bulletin of Shimane Medical University 26
2003-09-01 発行


Studies of the relationship between OBLA speed and heart rate during distance running
Nohara, Takahiko
Adachi, Minoru
Haneda, Noriyuki
This study investigated a possibility of estimating the OBLA (onset of blood lactate accumulation) speeds (SP-OBLA: running speed at the OBLA) of middle- and long-distance runners from their heart rates. Thus, we examined the relationship between the running speed on a field and the heart rate, and also examined the relationship between the running speed and the heart rate, respectively corresponding to OBLA, with the help of 23 male runners belonging to a long-distance relay road race team of a high school.
The results of our measurements indicate that (1) the running speed and the heart rate while running of middle-distance correlate to a high degree, that (2) the time records of 3.000 m and 5,000 m and the SP-OBLA correlate, that (3) the SP-OBLA and HR-OBLA (heart rate in SP-OBLA) are not correlated, and that (4) although the time records of 3.000 m and the HR-OBLA are not correlated, the running speed of 5,000 m and the HR-OBLA correlate. From these facts, we can conclude that measurement of the SP-OBLA and the heart rate at the same time once a year enables coach to instruct a runner to maintain his SP-OBLA on a road race or long-distance race by monitoring his heart rate with a measuring device.