Bulletin of Shimane Medical University

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Bulletin of Shimane Medical University 22
1999-12-01 発行

不明熱と左片麻痺主症状として発症した高齢者の粟粒結核症の剖検例 (平成10年度CPPC症例)

An Old Woman’s Autopsy Case Died in Miliary Tuberculosis with Onset of Fever of Unknown Origin and Left Hemiplegia
Torii, Ikuko
Morikawa, Shigeru
For the men. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is one of the severe infectious disease among many fatal ones. Despite of the development of some effective drugs and the improvement of public welfare, prevalence of tuberculosis has been continuous threats for us. It is most likely that the recent reprevalence of tuberculosis have been resulted from not only the bacterial toxicity but also the increase in immunocompromised or aged populations or careless response by medical workers. We have
recently autopsied a case of miliary tuberculosis in an old woman. In this case, the patient could not be diagnosed before post mortem examinations. We think this is the important case for the prevention of mycobacterial diseases, because it revealed the difficulties of differential diagnosis in tuberculosis and pointed out our inappropriate understanding of the tuberculosis. In this report, we demonstrate
some pathological characteristics of the tuberculosis in aged people, and discussed the mechanisms, by which bacterial systemic colonization have been performed, and other specificities in this case.