Bulletin of Shimane Medical University

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Bulletin of Shimane Medical University 22
1999-12-01 発行

Establishment of the culture conditions for the ribonuclease F1 production by Fusarium moniliforme

Yoshida, Hiroshi
Hoshi, Kaori
Culture conditions suitable for the ribonuclease Fl production by the fungus, Fusarium moniliforme, were established. The composition of the medium was: 3%(w/v) glucose, 0,1% ammonium sulfate and 0.l% yeast extract in 50 mM sodium citrate buffer pH 5.8. When cultured in this medium at 25℃ for 1 week, the fungus secreted ribonuclease Fl up to a level of 150 units/ml corresponding to approximately 3μg/ml.