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Studies of san'in region 9
2016-12-31 発行


Reprint ; Letters from Wakatsuki Reijirou to Watanabe Kanichirou : 1927-1938
Research Project on Works of Watanabe Kanichiro
タケナガ, ミツオ
内田 融
大國 由美子
大原 俊二
居石 由樹子
小林 啓治
沼本 龍
原 洋二
本井 優太郎
This text is part of the documents relating to Watanabe Kanichirou which descends to his great-grandchild.
Wakatsuki Reijirou(1866-1949), the 25th and 28th Prime Minister of Japan(Belonging to Kenseikai party), wrote a lot of letters to Watanabe Kanichirou(1854-1938),who was an influential educator in Shimane prefecture and the head of the society in support of Wakatsuki (Kokudoukai).
Here we transcribe the latter half of Wakatsuki’s letters. In these letters we can perceive the relationship between statesmen of central government and local intellectuals in those days. Exchanging Kanshi poems (Chinese style poems) on letters was very important for such relationship.