Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 9
2016-12-31 発行


Calculation of Fertility and Mortality by a City and Counties in Shimane Prefecture from Late Meiji Era to Early Showa Era
Koike, Shiro National Lnstltute of Population and Social Securlty Research
In this paper, the fertility and mortality of a city and counties of Shimane prefecture from 1905 to 1935 are calculated by utilizing the “Statistics of Shimane prefecture (Shimane-ken Toukeisho)” before the Second World War. Data from “Shimane-ken Toukeisho” on sex- and agespecific population and the number of births and deaths by a city and countries, which are required for the calculation of fertility and mortality, are corrected by using census and vital statistics published around the same time. The analysis revealed some important findings on the regional population dynamics at that time. Although the level of fertility and mortality by county were relatively stable throughout the period, they declined sooner in Matsue city, supporting the hypothesis that population transition gradually spread from the urban to rural areas. Additionally, this paper presents an example of a method for correcting inaccurate data. This will lead to an investigation of a nation-wide population transition mechanism through the historical analysis of population dynamics in other areas.