Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 9
2016-12-31 発行


A study for promotion of supports for the independence of needy persons in Shimane prefecture
Miyamoto, Kyoko Faculty of Law & Literature, Shimane University
In this study, covering Shimane Prefecture, “model of needy persons who should be support target” were examined, as well as the current situation and challenges faced by the consultation and support program for the independence of needy persons were clarified. In addition, the direction of the supports was examined to promote more effective supports for the independence of needy persons in Shimane Prefecture. As a result, it was indicated that in Shimane Prefecture persons who are considered to be in the workforce age group have a greater need for support. Furthermore, in some cases, mainly small municipalities had difficulties to provide by itself opportunities for preliminary work experience toward regular work and social participation. Therefore, it was also clarified that such municipalities are under pressure to deal with this issue flexibly in cooperation with the prefectural government and neighboring municipalities.