Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, Shimane University. Educational science

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Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, Shimane University. Educational science 2
1968-12-28 発行


Evaluation of the Multi-Subject in Entrance Examination
Itoh, Yoshiki
  many of the college entrance examinations, there is a system of having the examinee select one or two subjects from the four or five multi-subjects under social studies and science. In determining the passing or non-passing score of the examinee, the total data is compiled from each individual subject selected, thus the value of its data between the subjects should be equal. But the fact is that, hitherto, the data submitted as reference material of the examinee's score was somewhat disproportioned. To find means of adjusting this system, our faculty, during the past 2 years, adopted as a test case, a system of adjusting the individual data by use of the "Standard Score".
In my report, I compared the diference between the total scores, the difference of the order of the score, the difference between the passing and non-passing scores, these were achieved through studying a detailed data compiled and evaluated through the past 2 years. As a result, we have found out that there is possibility of formal adjustment in the future for entrance examinations, judging from the standpoint of validity and considering the time consumed in the making of the adjustment. Also, in connection with the adjustment of the system, we were able to make further study of some important points to be considered in the entrance examinations for the future.