Annual report of Education and Research Center for Lifelong Learning Shimane University

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Annual report of Education and Research Center for Lifelong Learning Shimane University 1
2002-03 発行

教育改革を担う地方教育行政の課題 : ボランティア、住民参画の組織づくり

The Problem of the Local School Board which takes Education Reform : Volunteer, the Organization making to secure the Participation of Habitant
Takaoka, Nobuya
November,2000, the Shimane Prefecture Shinji city adopted the declarationthat we will make the city which promotes a life-long continuing education activity. The tendency is to wrestle with the young people education aggressively and to create the city which realizes close cooperation between the school and the social education.
1. We create the city from where it is possible to learn children vividly.
2. We create the city about which the habitant is a lead and it becomes promotion duty.
3. We service the environment to support the learning of a habitant.
The tactical meaning ofthe declarationis to make administration concerningthe city whichpromotes a continuing educationand the role share of the habitant clear and to try to make the route of the habitant taking part in the planning evident. Make replay the community to take the education of the children seriously based on the presupposition. Retrieve the child raising which has continued to depend on the school in the family and the community. We are in making cooperation between the school and the community denese at least and building new educational environment. Not being until it sees the argument of the Education Reform States Conference and the elapse after that, the wave of the education reform for presses against the small city at SAN-IN area, too, surely.
This paper has purpose of making the following points clear about the tendency ofthe city declaration by the continuing educationwhich Shinji city proposed, and the means of the city making which it aimed at, the state of the local shool board which realizes them.
I. The situation which surrounds the 3rd education reform
II. We make the system of the habitant taking part in the planning.
III. The beginning of the experiment that the naughty thing is new mainly in the child.
IV. The creation of the habitant organization which participates in the volunteer.