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キュウコン シュウカクゴ ノ カンソウ オンド ガ セイイク ニ オヨボス エイキョウ 2 キュウコン アイリス NATIONAL VELVET ノ カンソウ オンド ガ キュウコン ノ カンソウ ソクセイ ヨクセイ オヨビ シキュウ ノ キュウコン セイサン ニ オヨボス エイキョウ
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Studies on the Effect of Temperature during the Drying Process aftrer Harvest on the Growth of Flower Bulbs
Aoki, Noriaki
Yoshino, Shigeto
Studies on the Effect of Temperature during the Drying Process aftrer Harvest on the Growth of Flower Bulbs : (2) The Effect of Drying Temperature just after Harvest on the Dryness of Bulbs, the Flower Production in the Semi-forcing and Retarding, and the Bulb Production in Dutch Iris cv 'National Velvet'

This study was made to investigate the effect of temperature in drying just after harvest on the dryness of bulbs, the flower production in the semi-forcing and retarding, and the bulb production in Dutch iris cv 'National Velvet'.
1. The bulbs kept at 30 and 25℃ dried faster than those at 20℃, but no obvious difference in the water content of bulbs was detected between them at the end of each drying process.
2. In the semi-forcing, the higher the drying temperature of bulbs was, the earlier the date of flowering became and also the higher it was, the shorter the flower stalks elongated, though these effects were not remarkable.
3. In the retarding, the growth and flowering was scarcely affected by each treatment and the flowering percentage was generally low presumably due to along duration after the bulbs received these treatments and to the consumption of bulb components during the period.
4. In the bulb production, bulbs were separated into several sections by their size before planting. The bulbs dried at 30℃ exhibited the best bulb yield in all the size sections. Further, merely the bulbs of larger size flowered regardless of the drying temperature and the highest rate of flowering was obtained in the bulbs dried at 25℃.
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Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Shimane University
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Shimane University, Faculty of Agriculture
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
Faculty of Life and Environmental Science