This is reference translation. The governing language of this Policy shall be Japanese.

1 Shimane University declares Open Access Policy intended to contribute toward the advancement of academic research, to promote information disclosure and to fulfill public accountability, through disseminating its research result in free of charge.

(Disclosure of Research Result)
2 The Institutional Repository of Shimane University, Shimane University Web Archives of Knowledge (hereafter SWAN), shall disclose research results by the Faculty of Shimane University (hereafter the Faculty) without transferal of copyright to Shimane University.

3 Notwithstanding Paragraph 2, Shimane University make specific research result not to open publicly which is inappropriate to disclose by SWAN due to copyright or similar reason.

(Non-retroactivity of Application)
4 Research result which is previously published or entered into a contract conflicting with this policy prior to its enactment shall not be applicable.

(Provision of Research Result)
5 The Faculty shall submit their research result to the university as soon as possible in electronic form of appropriate version, which is permitted to register on SWAN. In addition, a permission from co-author shall be required before the provision of the research result.

(Administration of SWAN)
6 Issues related to administration of SWAN (Shimane university Web Archives of kNowledge) are implemented in accordance with Shimane University Institutional Repository Operational Guidelines.

(Other Issues)
7 Other issues which are required for Open Access shall be negotiated between the relevant parties.