Geological reports of Shimane University

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Geological reports of Shimane University 11
1992-07-30 発行


Observation on the nature of dusts from the Arctic circle in Canada
Tazaki, Kazue
Iizumi, Shigeru
Miyake, Yasuyuki
Goto, Masatoshi
The surface and bulk properties of dust samples collected from Resolute and Grise Fiord,the Arctic circle in Canada,were examined by SEM,TEM,EDX,XRD and INAA techniques・Thedustsamplesc・ntainsulfur,halite,anhydrite,calciteandclays,associating a large amount of amorphous materials which were derived from organics and plants.The dust in snow and mud from Resolute and Grise Fiord contain trace elements of Cr,Co,La,Ce,Sm,Eu,Cs and Ba.
Organic hydrocardon compounds,S-rich micro-spherules,fiberous melanterite and qubic crystals of halite were suggested to be carried along with the combustion products,The dust particles are mixed particles (intemal mixture of water-soluble and insoluble materials) with sea-salt particles.The particles have long atomospheric residence time and can be expected to disperse for greater distances from their sources,such as USSR and northem Europe,by the jet wind.