Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 5
2012-12-31 発行


Report on Archaeological Investigation of the Megurihara No.1 ancient tomb I
Departments of Archaeology, Facility of Low and Literature, Shimane University
Megurihara No.1 ancient tomb has been estimated in Izumo district that it is the only grave of the corridor-style stone compartment protecting a coffin that the king and government official of Kinai district adopted. However, excavation investigation was not conducted although survey investigation was conducted. Therefore, the detailed information on an ancient tomb did not exist. Then, we conducted excavation investigation of the ancient tomb in the 2010 and 2011 fiscal year. As a result, the form and structure of the ancient tomb were clarified and a part of structure of the main burial facility became clear. It can be estimated that the feature of an ancient tomb differs from the example of Kinai district While it is common to the example of Izumo district. That is, there is originality of the Izumo district in how to make an ancient tomb grave, and it is thought that the relationship of Izumo district and an Kinai district was flexible. The result is the importance for which the real image of ancient Izumo is clarified. From now on, if it further inquiries, we will be able to be discussed on the process in which a settlement of the area indicated from many points of view.