Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 2
2009-12-31 発行


Open source application policy of local government and regional industrial promotion
Noda, Tetsuo Faculty of Law and Literature, Shimane University
The development style of open source is extending beyond the boundary of companies and organizations, so it has the possibility to provide new business markets to regional IT service industries. But the open source application policy and the adoption assistance to local governments requires the capabilities of technique, development, and project management, both for adoption sides and order sides. As the result, it leads to the expansion of the IT-Solution market among the major IT-Vendors. On the other hand, some local governments are trying to promote their regional IT service industries by adopting open source in their electronic government systems. Then in this paper, we analyze the data of open source application policy of Japanese government and case studies of local industry promotion policy of local government, for the examples, Nagasaki Prefecture and Matsue City. And it aims to extract the issues of open sources application policy of local government and regional industrial promotion policy in Japan.