Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 2
2009-12-31 発行


On the "Ruidai Yakumo Shu"
Ashida, Kouichi Faculty of Law and Literature, Shimane University
The object of this paper is to give a summary of what is known about the"Ruidai Yakumo Shu". It contains the following six points of view. The first point; There are differences of the name of the book "Turuyama-Shachu Zouban Shomoku" in some books. And some books have the name of the book in the inside cover, others do not. The second point; "Turuyama-Shachu Zouban Shomoku" contains 1320 tanka poetries and 344 poets. This was a large collection of tanka which contains poems of poets in a district. As well as we know, there is not such a large scale local of collections of tanka. It is not clear where those tankas came from. There is a possibility they came from tanka poets who attended gatherings of tanka poets called "Turuyama-Shachu" and "Kameyama-Shachu". The third point; This collection of tanka poetry has local area edition or private edition. This is the "Turuyama-Shachu Zouban" version and there are some other versions. The fourth point; Scholars have not come up with good answers about the print run; days until they were published, and costs. As well as we know, this collection of tanka has 3 versions. So, it might have be reprinted. The fifth point; This collection was sold by the book stores based in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya, and they have local area editions and private editions. It means that there used to be a huge demand for this collection. The sixth point; This version contains many poets for places of scenic beauty and historic interest. This also shows the possibility that this collection collected poets from a gathering of tanka poets.