Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 12
2019-12-31 発行

政党政治家のイメージ形成について 〔縦組〕 ―若槻礼次郎の伝記と地元評からの検討―

On the Formulation of a Politician’s Image ― Consideration of Biography and Reputation of Reijiro Wakatsuki ―
SUGITANI, Naoya San'in Research Center, Faculty of Law and Literature
For party politics before the war, the image strategy was emphasized with the implementation of the men’s election. In other words, the construction of such a new strategy was indispensable in order to appeal to the increased number of voters to support their party widely.
Reijiro Wakatsuki, who was president of the Kenseikai Party and the Minsei Party̶political bodies responsible for Japan’s party politics before the war̶and who became prime minister, was a pioneer in looking at such an image strategy. Wakatsuki was one of the people who established the general election system, and it was expected that the cabinet would hold the fi rst ordinary election. Wakatsuki was thus regarded as a symbol of political reform. These image strategies were developed through biography and activities in Wakatsuki’s home of Shimane Prefecture as a means to counter negative impressions of political parties. This reveals that pre-war political parties were developing strategies to counteract criticism of political parties.