Journal of social systems

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Journal of social systems 7
2002-12-25 発行

青年の定住意志を高める要因 : 島根県高校生調査の結果から

What makes young people settle down in their hometowns? : A study of high school students in Shimane prefecture
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In Shimane prefecture,the decrease in the young population is a serious problem.This paper discusses factors which make young people prefer to settle down in their hometowns. A survey of 2,138 high school students in Shimane prefecture was conducted from December 2001 through February 2002,and valid cases amounted to 1,753. The research found that students' attitude to family is important as a factor in their settling down. In other words,the attitude where the ties to their parents and/or grandparents are regarded as important. The research suggests that students developed such an attitude when they understood their future role in the hometown because of the elder family members'presence there.