Practical Research on School Education

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Practical Research on School Education 6
2023-03-31 発行

高校生の英語スピーキングに対する学習意欲を踏まえた指導実践 : 効果的なリテリング活動の開発

Using Retelling Tasks to Motivate High School Students to Improve Their English Speaking Skills
TASHIRO, Ryosuke
The purpose of this study is to show how retelling activities can be used to enhance Japanese high school students’ English proficiency. As a graduate student. the author participated in a 2-year teaching practicum at a public high school in Shimane Prefecture. The first-year research showed that retelling activities can provide students with valuable opportunities to practice speaking in their own words. Therefore, in the following year, experimental instruction was designed and given to two classes, and its effects were evaluated relative to a control group in terms of the amount of students’ utterances in retelling tasks. The results show that a) retelling activities increased the number of words students speak for 1 min (but n. s.), and b) interactive instruction can be used to teach implicit retelling skills.