Laguna : 汽水域研究

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Laguna : 汽水域研究 9
2002-03 発行

大橋川~宍道湖における高塩分水塊の動態観測(2000 年夏)

Long-term Observation of High-Saline Watermass at R. Oohashigawa-Lake Shinji Area, Shimane Pref., Japan
徳岡 隆夫
上野 博芳
西村 清和
須崎 聰
松田 滋夫
久保田 俊輔
鈴木 重教
A long-term observation was performed during the summer season in 2000. The observation system developed by the present writers' contributions consists of several subsystems such as an acoustic reflection profiling system for spatial disitribution survey of halocline(Model SC-3), an underwater ascoustic reflection measurement systems for longterm observation of halocline behaviour(On-line mode model SC-2 and Off-line mode CL-3), a thermometry system using optical fiber distributed temperature sensor(MOodel DTS-80) and a temperature salinity measurement system using multiple CT sensors(Model MCTH-2).
The observations were successfully carried out from July 11 to 28.