Laguna : 汽水域研究

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Laguna : 汽水域研究 14
2007-12 発行

瀬戸内海最古の貝塚 : 豊島礼田崎貝塚の再評価

The oldest Shell Mound in the Seto Inland Sea : Revaluation of Reitasaki shell mound in Teshima
Onbe, Shin
Miyata, Yoshiki
Kato, Hisao
Yoneda, Minoru
Marine transgression occurred in the Early Jomon period. However, in the very early Kitchen Midden group in the Seto-Inland sea, the transition from fresh to marine conditions can be seen and used as a temporal marker. Previously the only reported dates for the Kitchen Midden group shell mounds was 8400±350 14C yrBP(Kishima shell mounds).
A reexamination of 14C dates on shells in the Seto-Inland sea region, taking into account the habitat of dated shells and the marine reservoir effect leads to the conclusion that the Reitasaki shell mound(Tonosho Town, Kagawa Prefecture)is older than the Kishima shell mound or the Kuroshima shell mound(Setouchi City, Okayama prefecture).