Laguna : 汽水域研究

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Laguna : 汽水域研究 13
2006-06 発行


A prototype of Environmental Database for Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi
Tsuzuki, Yoshiaki
Nakayama, Daisuke
Kunii, Hidenobu
Study Group on Environmental Database for Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi had been held during the first half of the Japanese Fiscal Year 2006(Heisei 17)with participation of professionals from Shimane University and National and Local governments to information collection and dissemination and common ownership of the information related to environmental database in Japan and the world. After the Study Group, Discussion Group on Environmental Database for Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi has been held to discuss on a desirable environmental database for the area. The purposes of this article are to describe what kind of information was introduced to the participants in the Study Group, what kind of discussions were made in the Discussion Group, what kinds of prototype of the environmental database was developed after the discussions, and what kinds of progress are expected in the future. Many environmental related organizations have already disseminated environmental related information in the drainage area of the two Lakes using internet. One of the assignments of the environmental database will be considered to prepare the framework of the environmental data by use of clearing house mechanism(CHM)and catalog service(CS)with consideration of progresses of information technology. In addition to research purpose, administrative or project based purposes and information dissemination for ordinary citizens should be included in consideration of desirable directions of the environmental database and its contents.