Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 13
2020-12-31 発行


High School Students’ Attitudes toward Hometown/Urban City and Their Parents’ Family Practices: An Analysis Based on Parent-Child Pair Data in Shimane Prefecture
Kataoka, Yoshimi Faculty of Law&Literature, Shimane University
Fukino, Takashi Faculty of Law&Literature, Shimane University
島根県のような地方においては,大学進学を機とする若年層の人口流出が著しい。それは,県内に進学先が少ないためであるが,親が日常的なやりとりを通して,子どもを都会の大学に進学するように誘導し,県外流出を熱心に誘導しているとも言えるのではないか。そこで本稿では,2019年に県内の高校3 年生とその保護者を対象に実施した調査票調査の親子ペアデータを分析した。その結果,親の家族実践が子の都会志向/ふるさと志向を左右していることを確認した。
In Shimane Prefecture, the depopulation of young people which results from going on to university is remarkable. It is caused by the fact that there are few universities in the prefecture, but it may also be true that parents encourage their children to leave their hometown to go to university in big cities through the daily parent-child interaction. Therefore, we analyzed the pair data from the survey conducted in 2019 on third-year high school students and their parents. As a result, we found that parents’ family practices influenced students’ preference for big cities over a preference for the local region.