Studies of san'in region

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Studies of san'in region 13
2020-12-31 発行


A study of burial crystal balls in western Japan during the Yayoi period
Hiragori, Tatsuya Faculty of Law & Literature, Shimane University
TATEGAMI, Yukako Matsue City Sports and Culture Promotion Foundation
本稿では、弥生時代西日本における副葬水晶製玉類について、資料集成、分類、変遷案の提示といった基礎的作業を通して、当該期の水晶製玉類副葬風習の様相を明らかにすることを目的とした。副葬水晶製玉類は、稜の有無と最大径・高さの比率によって、有稜Ⅰa 式、有稜Ⅰb 式、有稜Ⅱ式、有稜Ⅲ式、無稜Ⅱ式、無稜Ⅲ式の6 型式に分けられる。西日本における水晶製玉類の副葬は中期中葉の北部九州で始まり、後期以降本格的な副葬が行われる。後期前半には中四国地域、後期後半には玄界灘沿岸地域が副葬の中心地となることを指摘した。
副葬の様相については、出土状態から4 つの様相が見られ、主に頭飾か耳飾の部材として使われたと考えた。また、水晶製玉類の副葬と他材質の玉類とのセット関係から、後期後半から終末期にかけて、北部九州・瀬戸内海沿岸の遺跡で水晶製玉類+翡翠製勾玉+碧玉製管玉+ガラス小玉という一定のセット関係を形成することを指摘した。
The research area of the treatise is western Japan during the Yayoi period. The material to be analyzed is a crystal ball buried in the tomb. The purpose of the treatise is to clarify the burial customs of crystal balls in the area. Crystal balls are classified into six types: yuryo (有稜) Ia type, yuryo(有稜) Ib type, yuryo(有稜) Ⅱ type, yuryo(有稜) Ⅲ type, muryou(無稜) Ⅱ type, muryou(無稜) Ⅲ type. The secondaru burial of crystal balls in western Japan begins in the middle of Middle Yayoi in northern Kyushu, and full-scale burials are held from the Late Yayoi. The Chugoku(中国)-Shikoku(四国) region is the center of the burial in the first half of Late Yayoi, and the Genkai-nada(玄界灘) coastal region is the center of the burial in the latter half of Late Yayoi. Sub-burials can be divided into four types according to the state of excavation. I thought it was mainly used as a Element for headdresses or earrings.
From the latter half of the late Yayoi to the end of the Yayoi period, a certain set relationship of crystal balls + jade jasper balls + jasper tube balls + glass beads is formed along the coast of the Setonaikai(瀬戸内海) and Northern Kyushu.