Memoirs of the Faculty of Education. Literature and Social science

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Memoirs of the Faculty of Education. Literature and Social science 26
1992-12-25 発行


Emotion and Color
Inanami, Masamitsu
Komatsubara, Miwa
A. We chose 90 students (50: female; 40: male) at random from Shimane University. We made a questiounaire and examined the relationships between emotion and color.
(1) The first liked color was white, the second was blue. The first disliked color was purple, the second was pink and gray (tie rank).
(2) The word and the color with which the majority of them responded was as follows: "love", "excitement", "shame"; red, "fear", "guilt"; black, "love with the opposite sex"; pink.
(3) They answered to prefer a light colored suit for fine weather, and a dark colored suit for rainy weather. For mood and emotion, the majority of them chose a white suit with "joy"; a black suit with "anger"; a black suit with "sorrow".
B. We devided them into 4 types of extroverted(socially(45), cognitively(36)) vs. introverted (socially(13), cognitively(20)), and 2 types of musculine(53) vs. feminine(29). They were asked to paint 3 pictures expressing joy, anger, and sorrow. Analysis of each picture focused on 3 elements; the face, the clothing, and the background. The colors most often used are as follows;
(1) Joy. Face colors were light (white, orange, yellow). Light colors were commonly used for clothing (pink, yellow) and background (yellow). Only male and feminine students chose blue for both clothing and background, and cognitively extroverted students chose blue for background.
(2) Anger. Face color was red for all drawings. This red was also the most often used background color. Purple or black was most often chosen for clothing
(3) Sorrow. Face color was blue for all drawings. This blue was used for almost all clothing, except male students (brown), cognitively extroverted students (gray) and coguitively introverted students (purple). Gray was used for almost all background, except socially introverted students (brown).