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Laguna : 汽水域研究 3
1996-03 発行


An Estimation of Runoff Loads of Pollutants from River Hii to Lake Shinji
福島 晟
森 也寸志
The runoff loads of pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorus and COD in River Hii were estimated for 3 years from the weekly sampling data collected at the middle stream point (Kisuki) and the downstream point (Otsu) by using the L-Q equations. The annual runoff loads varied widely for the three years, because there were large differences in the amount of precipitation (from 1,308mm/y to 2,307mm/y) and runoff discharge. The largest annual loads at the downstream point for T-N, T-P and T-COD were calculated to be 1,090ton/y, 49.6ton/y and 3,290ton/y, respectively, whereas the smallest loads for T-N, T-P and T-COD were 483ton/y, 22.8ton/y and 1,530ton/y, respectively. The loads at the middle stream point were estimated to be about half of the loads at the downstream point.