Laguna : 汽水域研究

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Laguna : 汽水域研究 1
1994-03 発行


The Late Palaeolithic stone artifact found at Torigasaki site, Tamayu Town, Shimane Prefecture
竹廣 文明
Torigasaki site is located at the south shore of Lake Shinji, Tamayu Town, Shimane Prefecture, Lake Shinji was formed during post-glacial sea level changes, and in the Palaeolithic period this area was a wide valley descending to the west. This site is considerd to be located on the terrace overseeing the valley to the north in the Palaeolithic period. The sample found at this time is a pointed-formlithic (kakusuijyo-sekki), made from basalt, which belongs to the Late Palaeolithic. It is proved by this find that the area around Torigasaki was a place of human activities in the Palaeolithic period.
Key words: basalt, Late Palaeolithic, pointed-form lithic(kakusuijyo-sekki), Torigasaki site.