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1994-03-01 発行

Misunderstanding : The First Step to Mutual Understanding

Tsuido, Kazuaki
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Eight years ago, I had an opportunity to study abroad for the first time in my life. I studied linguistics and TEFL at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, near Detroit. Upon arrival at Detroit Airport, I was waiting for a limousine bound for Ann Arbor. I found some other people waiting at the depot. Suddenly I heard a lady at the ticket office shouting something like "Tsuido." Instantly I thought that my name was called, so I stood up and started to her. But when she saw me coming up to herself, she had a puzzled look. It was at that time that I found some people standing up and going out of the building. Looking outside through the window, I saw a limousine coming to a stop and it said that it was bound for "Toledo." What the lady meant was not "Paging Mr. Tsuido, please come to the ticket counter," but "Here comes the bus for Toledo! All aboard!" However, I was so nervous then that I didn't raise any question at all as to why the lady knew my name in the first place.