Bulletin of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science Shimane University

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Bulletin of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science Shimane University 2
1997-12-20 発行


The Mechanical Properties of Daisen Loam and Hiruzen Loam
Toriyama, Koushi
The consolidation tests and consolidated undrained triaxial compression testswere performed on the specimen of Daisenloam and Hiruzen one which water contents were natural one and dry side of natural one. The following results are obtained from these experiments.
1.On undrained condition, pore pressure is increased for long time after incre-ment of confining pressure σ_3. There are fairly specimen which pore pressure coefficient B=△u/△σ_3 is greater than 1.0 in a certain stage of increment of confining pressure.
2.The coefficient of consolidation for pore pressure c_<vu> of Daisen loam is greater than 1.0X<10>^<-2>m^2/day and that of Hiruzen loam is greater than 2.0X<10>^<-2>m^2/day. The value of c_<vu> is almost smaller than coefficient of consolidation for volumetric strain or axial strain.
3.The rupture envelope expressed by effective stress is nearly constant for the specimen which water content is from natural water content to 20~30% dry sideof natural one. The ratio of undrained shear strength to consolidation pressure c_u/p is greater than 0.3.