Bulletin of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science Shimane University

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Bulletin of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science Shimane University 2
1997-12-20 発行

林業従事者の労働状況と雇用改善方策 : 島根県下の森林組合作業班の実態と意識調査から

A Study on the Labor Condition and its Developing Measure of Forestry Workers : An Analysis by the Inquiry Survey to Forest Cooperative Workers in Shimane Prefecture
Forest resources are growing rapidly, especially by the afforestation after the war. In Shimane prefecture, almost afforested stand will reach to fourth age-class which will be required the first thinning operation. On the contrary, the labor who should be carried out the forestry operation is decreasing by aged retiring and transfer to other industry. Hence to keep and to encourage forestry labor is urgent and the largest problem.
In this paper, I try to analyze forestry workers' present labor condition and their consciousness toward the forestry work, which data was collected by the inquiry survey to forest cooperative workers in Shimane prefecture. As the result of them, (1)their working conditions are gradually developed, but the standard of the condition is relatively low. It is suggested that to improve payment style and social wealth or insurance is very important.(2)By the factor analys is of their consciousness toward the forestry work, they unconsciously regard the proud or recognition forestry work and forestry significance rather than wage or working condition(3)Therefore,having good motivation(e.g. social responsibility to environmental problem and realization their dream which is the working in the nature like real human), they haye entered forestry work. But the real condition is less than expected, they are now confusing about their work.
For the suggestion to the forestry labor measure, to improve the working condition as well as other industryleyel is first problem. After that, to encourage forestry labor by the significance of forest and forestry is important.