Laguna : 汽水域研究

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Laguna : 汽水域研究 15
2008-12 発行


Preliminary study on possibility of eco-tourism around Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi
都筑 良明
國井 秀伸
板倉 宏文
野津 登美子
The area around Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi is in an appropriate timing for considering about ecotourism after stoppage of land-fi lling of the Honjo Area in Lake Nakaumi and registration of the Lakes to the Ramsar Convention. In this paper, we introduced recent various activities by local governments, industries and NGOs related to ecotourism in this area and elements to be included in the ecotourism program, and identifi ed desirable directions for the ecotourism in this area based on the collected information and the current situations in regards to tourism in this area. Development of tourism industries was considered to be desirable for sustainable economic development in this area and many elements to be included in the ecotourism in this area were found. Close relationship of the urban planning sector with the ecotourism sectors, and citizen participation framework for ecotourism were considered to be desirable. For development of ecotourism in this area, planning of ecotourism with preparation of model tour courses is found to be desirable. In short term, origin-directed tour courses are found to be acceptable for both tourists and this area. In medium and long term, various types of tourism especially including destination-directed tour courses are found to be acceptable. Moreover, early stage participation of professionals and environmental NGOs has been pointed out as a desirable element for ecotourism, the framework of which has already been formed. Effective application of the framework should be desirable.