Geoscience reports of Shimane University

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Geoscience reports of Shimane University 14
1995-12-25 発行

Chemical compositions of gamets from the Sambagawa pehtic schists in central Shikoku, Japan

Asada, Asuka
Garnet in the Sambagawa pelitic schists from the Asemi-gawa and Besshi districts in central Shikoku show distinct chemical zoning.The chemical compositions of the garnets within pelitic schists from the garnet to oligoclase-biotite zone are provided in this paper.The chemical compositions of garnets are plotted in Mn-Fe-Mg and Mn-(Fe+Mg)-Ca diagrams.Some garnets from the oligoclase-biotite zone in the Besshi district are different in chemical composition from those described by Banno et al.(1986). These garnets restrictedly occur close to the Tonam amphibolite mass.There is possibility that these garnets were formed under the thermal influence of the emplacement of the Tonam amphibolite mass.