Laguna : 汽水域研究

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Laguna : 汽水域研究 10
2003-03 発行

ASTER データを用いた宍道湖・中海の水温・濁度推定(2000~2002年)

Estimation of Water Temperature and Turbidity in Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi Using ASTER Data, 2000-2002
Sakuno, Yuji
Yamamoto, Masatomo
Yoshida, Takeshi
Matsunaga, Tsuneo
Nakayama, Daisuke
Takayasu, Katsumi
Kozu, Toshiaki
ASTER surface water temperature, which is based on the famous Split Window method, and turbidity algorithms, was validated using in situ surface water temperature and in situ turbidity in Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi. The study revealed that the ASTER temperature estimated from 5 ASTER/TIR (Thermal Infrared) bands data has a good corretation with in situ surface water temperature from tower data in the lakes. And the DN of ASTER Band 3, after dark pixel subtraction, has a significant correlation with the in situ turbidity.